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12 Jan

Not to be self-deprecating–I truly don’t think I’m a hackjob–but my brain takes a while to absorb this science stuff.  I listen to lectures (often twice), fill composition books with notes, and just keep writing and rewriting and talking out-loud to myself and obliging peers until it starts to sink in.  Needless to say, I’m thrilled if that process reaches completion before our final, let alone before 8am discussion.  Therefore, my contribution to the learning process in discussion is questionable.

But not today.  I might not have been able to ID the all incidences of koilocytosis (the presence of various structural irregularities in squamous epithelial cells) in a Pap smear image, but I could succinctly elucidate the purpose of a speculum.  I suspect that some of my colleagues will not altogether love Repro.

Not that this information is at all helpful now, but I think I’ve picked up a few tricks from hanging out with doctors (probably sounds banal to anyone in clerkships and beyond).  How does one perform a thorough pelvic exam on a morbidly obese woman?  Use a plastic glove, cut off the tip of a finger, and wrap prepared portion around speculum.  Thank you, Tommy.