the book is better than the movie

11 Jan

Regarding Mechanisms of Disease and Therapeutic Interventions, I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel…I have so many more related psychosomatic symptoms to experience!  But I’m also finding some relief from Lisa C’s advice regarding Mod 2: I don’t have to have “it” (study habits, methods by which I learn best, etc.) all figured out.  The beauty of Mod 2 is that we start fresh with every block.  If MDTI doesn’t go as planned, suck it up; Brain and Behavior starts the next day.  So right now I’m going try to wrap my mind around Warfarin-Vitamin K tango…and maybe later revisit my old friend, Ian McEwan:

For this was the point, surely: he would be a better doctor for having read literature.  What deep readings his modified sensibility might make of human suffering, of the self-destructive folly or sheer bad luck that drive men toward ill health!  Birth, death, and frailty in between.  Rise and fall–this was the doctor’s business, and it was literature’s too.  He was thinking of the nineteenth-century novel.  Broad tolerance and the long view, an inconspicously warm heart and cool judgement; his kind of doctor would be alive to the monstrous patterns of fate, and to the vain and comic denial of the inevitable; he would press the enfeebled pulse, hear the expiring breath, feel the fevered hand begin to cool and reflect, in the manner that only literature and religion teach, on the puniness and nobility of mankind.


I still have his Saturday sitting on my nightstand, 2/3 read.  That’s practically blasphemy.


2 Responses to “the book is better than the movie”

  1. Ben Pack January 12, 2011 at 2:45 pm #

    Finish Saturday! The ending is the best part and its so good!

    • annaojesus January 12, 2011 at 6:00 pm #

      i know! i stink! you know what your summer project should be? more phone-in book clubs with yours truly!

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