oh my five (five?!!)

12 Sep


It doesn’t freak me out that I’m 30.  What freaks me out is that it does not feel so long ago that 18-year-old Anna turned the corner of the Lawn across from Old Cabell Hall, ran into a bunch of Glee Club boys (we’ll let that sink in a moment), and was introduced by my boyfriend to “John, a pretty great guy.”  Blink, and we’re married (John and I, that is).  Blink again and it’s been five years and two babies later.  What, the what?

On my lunch break at clinic, I’ve been looking through posts of our anniversaries past: drinking our first anniversary dinner; happily celebrating two years, though I might have burst into tears at dinner out of worry that we would never have children; then spending both years three and four pregnant with thing 1 and thing 2.  We’ve had a good run!

Tonight we’re celebrating at Serpico, a collaboration between James Beard Award-winning chef Peter Serpico and restaurateur Stephen Starr.  The food looks incredible, but I’m also pretty excited for the cocktails, leaning toward the Midnight Society.  We had initially been thinking of going to a BYOB so we could bring our bottle of Barboursville’s Octogan, which we’ve been saving since we got married.  Just an excuse for our evening to continue when we get home to happily sleeping little ones, thanks to our fun, energetic, and kind babysitter.

Happy anniversary, John!  I can honestly say that I still love you more…than last year, than yesterday.  Excited for what our sixth year of marriage will bring!


Just remembered this gem of all the UVA singers, and my heart was glad:



5 Responses to “oh my five (five?!!)”

  1. Karen Dalton September 12, 2014 at 1:02 pm #

    Happy anniversary, Anna! (and John, too)

  2. Dr. Mom September 13, 2014 at 11:16 pm #

    Congratulations! Happy Anniversary!


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    […] next day, we stopped by the vineyard where we were married on our way back […]

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