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16 Sep

Yesterday was the first day we could submit our applications for residency.  The website went down at some point during the day and, by the time I returned from clinic, it provided a cryptic message that it was temporarily out of service and would likely be opened again at 9am today.

I reviewed my application one last time while pumping in the colposcopy room this morning.   I sincerely hope that I (and my fellow supporters who were kind enough to read over my application) caught all typos; by lunch time, I couldn’t critically look at my personal statement at CV any longer.  I hit “submit” at 12:48pm.

Now I’m just hoping.  Hoping that programs will want to interview me, despite a less than ideal step 1 score.  Hoping that I’m received well at interviews, that I appropriately show my passion for pediatrics and for the programs to which I’ve applied, that I appear confident without crossing the line to arrogance, that I show myself to be a capable future physician.  Hoping that I’m overwhelmed with joy on March 20, 2015, because I was offered a job.

Please, wish me luck!

And, speaking of capable, look who keeps working to improve herself in the roles of big sister and helper, insisting on carrying her sister’s milk to daycare…

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