25 Oct

Later this morning, the girls and I will pack up and begin the move back to Philly.  John had to return back for work on Tuesday, and our close and incredibly generous friends Megan and Nathan have been kind enough to stay with me to help out with the home fries.  The last four weeks have been out-of-our-minds exciting, incredibly fulfilling, at times very anxiety-producing, and utterly chock-full of good things.

So now I’m sitting at the kitchen table, sipping my malbec, greedily eating a mug of cornflakes with almond milk with a side of bell pepper and hummus (because these are the things left in the refrigerator), looking through pictures of the last weekend to avoid packing (my least favorite thing)…

We started our Saturday with a trip to Louisa to visit one of our favorite families.  Now when Ari demands “Row-Row,” I have to ask her to specify, You mean, like the song or the friend?  (As in, Rowan.)

oct 18 14 1

We then headed up to Falls Church for the wedding celebration of two awesomely sarcastic and kind friends.oct 18 14 2 oct 18 14 3

Our table was the best!  Not only was it composed entirely of folks who joined us for our own wedding celebration (plus 2 more recently acquired very significant others), but it was the only table literally on the dance floor.  No escape, baby, no escape.

oct 18 14 4 oct 18 14 5 oct 18 14 6 oct 18 14 7 oct 18 14 8

By 10pm, the cake had been cut, and the coffee with whipped cream and chocolate hazelnut shavings (best reception idea ever) had been served, and we got the text that Evie was not sleeping.  Probably the best thing for us to leave early, as breastfeeding in the middle of the night after staying out too late is my second least favorite thing to packing.oct 18 14 9

The next day, we stopped by the vineyard where we were married on our way back “home”:

oct 19 14 1 oct 19 14 2 oct 19 14 3 oct 19 14 5 oct 19 14 6 oct 19 14 7 oct 19 14 8

Then Octoberfest at Fry’s Spring and a Thai dinner with Italian friends.  I’m ready to be at our real home, with my husband and proper sleeping arrangements for all dependents, but I will miss this past month!


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