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17 Oct


I’m pretty sure she still sometimes equates “two” as simply “more than one,” or “that which I can hold in both my hands.”  She frequently uses this understanding as an effective bargaining tool: “Would Ari like a piece of chocolate?”  “Two please!”

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Last night we were wrestling/cuddling on our bed, and I marveled at how long and childlike Aurelia’s become.  What happened?  When did you turn into such a little girl, embracing your role as big sister and protector?


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When did you become so curious and excited by your surroundings?

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When did you start to learn what it means to be a friend, and all the sticky concepts (like sharing) that come with it?

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Happy second birthday, Ari!  We love you so tenderly and fiercely, as is true to your toddler spirit.  We are so fortunate and proud to have you as a daughter!