parallel play

3 Jul


It feels like a very long time ago that I would purposefully plan nothing over a weekend so I could sleep in, vegetate, and recharge.  I’m sure most parents know (and probably most non-parents who are even a little less oblivious than I) that, with toddlers (especially the toddler + small infant combination), life is so so much better if there’s a game plan.  Otherwise we end up with me breast-feeding Evie crouched in a mountain of legos and board books while Ari pulls my index finger and the hem of my skirt toward the door…that’s the tear-free rendition.

IMG_20140629_180032_503 IMG_20140629_180040_241

Luckily, this toddler requirement forces me to be social, get out of the house, and proactively seek out my friends.  I’m happier for it, especially in the early infant days when, for me at least, it’s so easy to just not leave the house.  And fun is easily satisfied with a friend who will still want to engage in parallel play even after getting bitten (can we guess whose kid is the biter?), a sprinkler, mud, a perching rock, and two pups.  I’m expecting my girls will be not so easily satisfied in the coming years, but I’m hoping that mud continues to be an impetus for fun.

IMG_20140629_180153_946 IMG_20140629_180201_016

(Can we get caption suggestions for the picture above?)

IMG_20140629_180239_273 IMG_20140629_180344_946


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