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don’t get sick on a plane

25 Jul

We learned from firsthand experience that there isn’t much on a flight that will help save your life from a medical standpoint: a small automatic defibrillator, like 500mL of normal saline, an injection of epinephrine, a couple bandaids.  Here’s another reason you should try to avoid cardiac arrest on a flight that I’m on: as of 10:30 this morning, according to the American Health Association, I am a qualified Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) provider, and therefore deemed fit to come to your rescue.  While I feel comfortable cycling through the algorithm (shock, two minutes of CPR, 1mg epi, etc.), I would rather not be the one calling the shocks on your poor fibrillating ventricles.

So maybe I should just not get on an airplane without John.  He will always be seven years ahead in medical training and is, as an ER doc, uniquely qualified for this sort of thing.  He can be the rescuer and I’ll stay with the kids.  How bad could the latter be?

Happy Friday!

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