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56(+) days!

15 Jul

56 days evie

This little nugget turned 56 days old last Wednesday.  For those of you in pediatrics or emergency medicine in the Philadelphia area, you know that is a BIG milestone.  (Going back to this post, I realize that I included the wrong age, citing 60 days instead of 56.)  Now if Evie were to develop a fever (with a toddler older sister in daycare who loves to kiss her little sister, that is entirely possible), the doctors caring for her would at least take pause before initiating a full sepsis work-up.

56 days evie 2

I have been relishing the snuggles a little more so than I had with Ari…maybe because I am acutely aware that they will not last, but I think more so because I’m not so horribly sleep deprived and, frankly, not as much a victim of baby blues or depression as I was with Ari.  The weather, the fact that Evie sleeps rather than goes ballistic in the car, the 3- to 4-hour chunk of sleep I’ve come to rely on in the middle of the night, all makes for a happier, calmer mama.  Oh, and we’ve officially started hiring a few hours of babysitting a week so I can complete my application for residency!  For the women who get good writing done during infant naps, I am in awe.

photo 5 photo 2snuggles 7-14-14 2snuggles 7-14-14