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7 Jul

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One of my three favorite foods (a superfood!) and the semblance of this sweet one’s eyes.  Love. love. love.

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Off subject and truncated: In the last week I’ve found that, at least for me at this time, it’s acceptable to ask for help before I’m running purely on survival mode; it’s okay to say “yes” to generous offers purely because they make life more enjoyable.  John’s been working the evening shifts recently.  On Tuesday last week, he got home at 1am to an explosion of legos, books, and caked applesauce, with me and Evie passed out on the couch downstairs.  Yes, I could put both girls to bed by myself.  But the following night (and the next night and the next night), a friend came over to hold Evie while I put Ari to bed–heaven!  Those five minutes by myself with her were crucial, to both of us.  Breastfeeding alone necessitates that I get a lot of one-on-one time with Evie; but I also need my time with her brave older sister.

Cuteness: Ari has been insisting of going to bed with 2-4 books in her crib.  Sometimes she flips through one after I put her to bed, before she falls asleep.  Sometimes she stacks them in a corner, then gingerly places her lovey on top and snuggles in.  Twice now, a book has fallen out of the crib and Ari has responded with blood curdling screams.  When I arrived, she was standing up, fat tears on cheeks, howling.  I retrieved the book and handed it to her, crying instantly stopped, and she dove back into her pile of books and stuffed animals and went to sleep.