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1 May


I feel so completely unprepared and terrified, yet also overwhelmingly joyous with anticipation.  I cannot wait to get to know our second daughter better.

We found out that I’m Group B Strep positive this go-round.  It’s not typically a big deal.  I believe something like 20-40% of women are colonized with it, and it very rarely causes disease in immunocompetent hosts.  However, it can cause serious disease in newborns, like bacterial sepsis, meningitis, or pneumonia.  In order to prevent maternal transmission of disease, IV penicillin G is given to the mother at the onset of labor, and then every four hours thereafter.  The first dose should be given at least four hours prior to delivery.  My first labor didn’t last four hours, and I only got to the hospital about 30 minutes prior to delivery.  So I’m a little concerned.  Poor second child is going to have to be stuck and urine bagged and monitored for signs of sepsis as well as for congenital CMV.  Builds character?  She’s gonna be one tough cookie!