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where we are now

6 May


It’s a trite expression, but I can’t think of a better sound in the world than that of children’s laughter–especially our child’s (I’m biased).  The unrepressed joy, it’s enough to make my heart feel like it’s going to explode out of my chest.

Though in many ways it’s happier, more sincere, and more abundant than the laughter of an infant, a toddler’s laughter doesn’t seem to come on cue as easily.  So when we met with Chita and Yana of How’s the Married Life? last week to document this flash in our family timeline, I found myself apologizing.  Whereas Aurelia was almost entirely smiles and giggles during our August photo shoot with the beloved Julie, she rarely revealed her happy face this time around and instead clutched her snack cup of raisins as though it was a security blanket.  *Sigh*  I think we’re parents of a toddler.

But then I’m reminded that these expressions are exactly what we hoped, a representation of where we are.  And part of where we are is our little independently-minded child choosing when she wants solemn and when she wants to be nothing but fits of giggles.  And if it’s 6pm and her usual supper time, she will not let you sneak her snacks away without a fight, and if you brought stale bread to feed to the ducks at the local pond, she’ll eat that too!

I’m really thankful that Yana and Chita were kind enough to take our pictures.  A couple weeks ago, I started getting nostalgic.  We are so poor at remembering to take pictures of our family, I don’t think we have any of the three of us from the last eight or so months.  And then I thought about the next couple years.  Although we would love to have another child, and I would certainly love to be pregnant again, we know there are no guarantees.  And, given the time and energy demands of residency, I think it would be best for our family if we held out for a bit.  Thank you, Chita and Yana, for capturing some beautifully representative moments of our last weeks as a family of three (3.1?) and celebrating this pregnancy with us as well.

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