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16 May

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Evelyn Adelina Jesus.

a.k.a. Aurelia’s little sister.  Ari and Evie.

We got to meet our littlest girl at 12:41 PM on Wednesday, May 14, 2014, all 7 lb 6 oz of her, with a very similar hair style as her older sister.



And suddenly our hearts grew ten sizes, and any semblance of our lives before her arrival seems so very far away.

We’re home, everyone is happy and healthy.  Her birth could not have gone better, and I look forward to sharing it, hopefully, in the next couple days.  For now, Evie is still passed out in the carseat after her first pediatrician’s appointment, so I’m going to shut my eyes for a few minutes as well.

Thank you all for the support throughout this pregnancy and in the last few days!


Evie, Ari, Anna, & John