budding romance?

22 Mar

Neither party looks markedly enthused, but here’s hoping:

happy birthday graham 1 happy birthday graham 2 happy birthday graham 4 happy birthday graham 5

graham to ari1 graham to ari2

Graham, do you think you can help Ari out with her artistic skills?


2 Responses to “budding romance?”

  1. Christine CO March 22, 2013 at 5:11 pm #

    Graham looks remarkably like the baby in the commercials for some investment firm who “talks” about his investments, and how difficult it is to work on them when people put him in his crib, etc. As for artistic skills, Ari’s handwriting is quite good, especially for someone of her age!


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    […] she will legally be able to marry the woman or man she loves.  As I write, I’m remembering this post, which leans toward an embarrassing heteronormativity on my part.  In case there is any question, […]

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