the muscles of momdom

15 Mar

Okay, so it makes sense that a baby provides one seriously good biceps workout.  Pick baby up; bounce around; prop baby up awkwardly why she feeds; repeat.  Their strength hasn’t quite kept up with her increasing girth, but they’re getting there.

What I did not anticipate: I think I’ve done something funky to my right deltoid, the primary carrier of the overly heavy carseat.  We just keep asking ourselves why we got the seat suitable for up to 35 pounds; my abductors can’t handle it.


2 Responses to “the muscles of momdom”

  1. Catherine March 16, 2013 at 7:32 pm #

    This does not respond to this exact post. I saw the article in the NYT about your decision to have child(ren) in med school. I made the same decision in law school though not for medical reasons. I want you to know it worked out well — three beautiful kids (2 from law school summers) and a legal career to boot. It was not always easy but I did it and stuck with (school and work) full time. With the last a freshman in college and me turning 50, I’m glad my husband and I had our kids when we did. I have many friends who waited — for many and good reasons But some will be ready to retire when their kids are leaving for college and that is a great thing to avoid. Best of luck to you at school, in your career and with your lovely daughter.

  2. ahyesplans March 17, 2013 at 11:01 am #

    Oh dear. This is one of my major fears about having kids. I don’t want my thoracic outlet syndrome to come back in full force!

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