a story of a mother

12 Mar

My brave, beautiful friend Julie wrote this post yesterday.  If you will, read it; share it.

When does a woman become a mother?  Is when her first child is born?  At some point during the pregnancy?  (Please I don’t mean to instigate an abortion debate.)  Or is it sometime before…when she chooses to cultivate a life that is so ready to welcome a child?  When she proactively seeks and works to find a child who needs her?  In my mind, Julie is already a mother, the best kind of mother, and I cannot wait to meet the kid(s) she’ll love and raise.

After my third round of injections and intrauterine insemination did not result in a pregnancy (go here for more on my infertility), I curled up in bed and slept for over 24 hours.  I was depressed, even though my physicians assured me that I would, eventually, get pregnant.  I cannot imagine going through three miscarriages, at least one during the second trimester, in a year.  That takes a certain kind of character that is very, very rare.

Check out Julie’s story, even if just to read something remarkable or to leave a bit of encouragement.


One Response to “a story of a mother”

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