adventure day

17 Nov


Yesterday Aurelia and I took not one but two fairly big trips into the city.  Just getting in the car with her feels like an achievement.  Ahh…to be one month old and absolutely HATE the carseat–depositing my sweet child into it elicits choke-sobs horrendous enough to cause pain to the coldest of hearts–but LOVE the car…at least for the first 10 minutes of a drive.  By the time we arrived at Doctoring yesterday afternoon and removed her from the carseat, she was an angel, melting into the arms of my classmates willing to hold her.  She made it an hour and 45 minutes before she started squawking for food, at which point we made a quick exit, she proceeded to down 4 oz of milk at breakneck speed, and then exercised her gastrocolic reflex like a pro.

After Doctoring, we went home, ate some more, then braved the night to celebrate Nathalie’s birthday, arriving a little later than was fashionable, but who can blame a one-month-old who likes to cuddle?  Below with the birthday girl and table six:

A couple discoveries of our travels:

  • The white noise app on my phone is clutch!  Not sure how closely the sound of waves or rain on a roof sound like blood and fluids whooshing in utero, but they do the trick.
  • I have lost my ability to keep focus in conversation, think or speak intelligently about anything other than my daughter.  Is this “mommy brain”?  If so, when does it go away, or how to I make it stop?
  • My classmates are awesome!  I can’t think of a better crowd to trust to safely handle my daughter and be diligent about reapplying Purell without reminder or eye-roll.  I loved seeing my daughter so happily snuggle with band of future physicians.




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