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the butterball hotline

22 Nov

This will be our first Thanksgiving with family in town.  We’ve only had one other Thanksgiving when we didn’t travel.  It was John’s intern year and he was working.  I ran a five-miler in the morning and was presented with an apple pie as I crossed the finish line.  We had sushi for dinner.  And free pie.

I thought this year would be similarly low-key, as we have a small infant consuming most of our attention and our family coming from NYC has been living out of a hotel since Sandy.  I swear John was on board with the whole Indian/Thai/Mexican take-out idea.  However, while discussing take-out options this weekend, he looked at me solemnly, “Wait…you mean we’re not even having a turkey?  Or stuffing??!”

Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday and, at 32 years of age, he’s still a master at the puppy-dog sad face, and I just can’t say no.  So now I’m making a turkey…and mushroom/fennel/pine nut/prosciutto gluten-free bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean something-or-other, cauliflower whatnot, and this easy and far superior pumpkin pie substitute (thanks Nathalie!).

I had a moment of panic on Monday night while reading online instructions about when to defrost the turkey and how long in can stay defrosted in the refrigerator, as our small bird had been immediately placed in the back of the fridge after purchase on Sunday.  Thoroughly concerned about the prospect of caring for my daughter while nursing a wicked case of campylobacter, I thought to myself, What would Jed Bartlet do?  And I called the butterball hotline, which actually does exist and was profoundly helpful.

Thanksgiving morning and our fridge has NEVER been this stuffed to the brim:

And my little 10 lb 9 oz helper after her 6am feeding (bored with so many variations of the same picture?):

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!!!