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19 Nov

Okay, so I’ve decided to use this new mom-time for my educational benefit (not that I wouldn’t be forced to anyway…this thing has a steep learning curve, yo!).  Whenever I get frustrated that I’m not getting any work done, I’m going to remind myself of all the ways the day-t0-day will help make me a better pediatrician.  (Yeah…I think I want to be a pediatrician, but I haven’t ruled out ED or Ob/Gyn…so if you can make a case for either one, hit me up!)

John says that the last month has been hugely informative for him regarding labor and delivery and normal, well child health.  Recently, his ED got all geared up for a woman who was presenting in labor, thinking that she was close to delivery.  When she arrived, John took one look at her and relaxed, thinking, Dude, I’ve seen imminent delivery, and that ain’t it!

Right now Aurelia is going through a growth spurt, apparently.  Did you know newborns/infants had growth spurts?  (In peds talk, newborn = birth to one month, infant = one month to one year…so as of Saturday, Aurelia is officially an infant!)  We did not.  But she is slamming milk like none other, and my breasts feel like they might rip off my body.  She is also tracking to midline, maintaining eye contact, AND lifting her head to 45 degrees while lying on her stomach (the last one is a two-month skill!).  And to think, all those developmental milestones I struggled to memorize for the peds shelf exam…  The rest of the medical knowledge I amassed this year…questionable at best.

Struggling to stay awake during Doctoring: