LOVE the hospital

17 Oct

I am ready to be done with lecture.  Today was my second meeting with my Peds ICM preceptor…basically, each MS2 has these mandatory pre-clerkship one-on-one sessions with a physician at CHOP to help learn how to perform a pediatric history and physical exam.  For me, right now, it’s just a great reminder of so many of the reasons why I want to do this with my life.  I think I could be very very happy spending most of my life in the hospital.

Of course, it also helps that CHOP is a magical sort of place, the kids are adorable, and my preceptor is the best!  May I share a wonderful compliment I just received from her via email??  Forgive me, I’m exchanging tact and thoughtfulness for excitement and joy!

The one thing that my medical school impressed on me most was that the best
thing a physician can do is love his patients like himself.

You are a caring and compassionate woman and I feel lucky to be part of your

On an entirely separate and sobering note, real stories such as these help me keep things in perspective when I get anxious about my own health or want to give up on gaining any sort of understanding on the kidney.



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