day two

23 Aug

Okay, looks like I’m in this thing for real now.  Today was a beautiful autumn-ish late summer day, the kind that makes you feel like you really should be back in school.

I commuted to the voice of Ira Glass, which definitely helped set the tone of day.  If anyone has good podcast suggestions, I’m all ears (get it?  oh dear :/).  Then three hours of not-so-painful lecture followed by my favorite anatomy session of Mod 2 yet.  May I say, it’s pretty swell when you stand over different cadavers and hearts listening to residents prattle off clinical correlates, and the terms you’re hearing actually sound familiar!  Lunch was spent at the MD/MBE info session (I was supposed to give the student prospective as someone already in the program), and I got my first solid look at a number of members of the current MS1s, already two and a half weeks in and still willing to pounce on any free lunch offered.

Finally, we had our introduction lecture to clinical medicine on adult history and physical examination, in preparation for the start of our clerkships in January:

“Patients usually judge medical quality based on the quality of the relationship not the technical skill.” (Annals of Internal Medicine. 2006; 144: 665-672)

a.k.a. It pays to be nice (quite literally).

Less than four more months!


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