class of ’62

22 Aug

Not gonna lie, it was pretty difficult to come back to school today after what became an incredibly rich summer vacation.  Sometime this week I’ll finally post some pictures of my recent adventures in LA, Laguna Beach, Yosemite, Palo Alto, Alameda, and San Francisco.  For now, I need to start reviewing the anatomy of the heart like whoa.

Today, my biggest success was getting from my new home to my new lecture room, “the Class of ’62 lecture hall,” without getting lost.  (According to our darling GI course director from the Spring, I half-fulfilled one of the three objectives for a happy life right there.)  As my feet met the Penn grounds this morning, the voice in my head repeated, just don’t walk into Reunion Hall, just don’t walk into Reunion by mistake.  As though it’s not already embarrassing enough to walk into class 30 minutes late on the first day, imagine the horror of walking into the MS1s’ genetics lecture?  llllllllllllllllllllllll…

I wish I had taken more pictures from my last summer hurrah this weekend, but thanks so much to Erica, Dan, Ted, Matt, Claire, Stephie, Kristen, Lisa, Javier, Santiago, Ariel, Evan, and John for making it so delicious!  It was the perfect kind of weekend, days spent getting to know new little corners of NYC and showing off some of my favorite nooks and crannies  of Philly, nights spent enjoying feasts with fabulous company.


2 Responses to “class of ’62”

  1. Eric August 23, 2011 at 4:18 pm #

    The new Stemmler rooms are awesome. Also, for reference, today I discovered a weird seat in ’62. I think it’s in the 4th row. details pending.

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