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8 Aug

Hello from beautiful Los Angeles, where there’s never a cloud in the sky, the temperature never drops below 61 or rises above 82, and humidity and allergies are foreign concepts.  Oh, and some of my closest friends also call this place home, so it’s been a pretty fantastic vacation so far.

The only hiccup in travel so far–knock on wood–was on day one, when I was taking the train to the Philadelphia airport from University City.  As the ticket-hole-puncher-guy (what is his title?  I was about to call him the “ticket master”) walked by to tell me to move my suitcase, he looked at me inquisitively, “So, where are you going, anyway?”  When I told him that I was going to the airport, he responded, “Well then, you have other problems.”  The train was definitely going to Wilmington, and I would have to take a train back into the city and wait for the next train to the airport.

So, it’s me, right?  Tears, of course, started welling up in my eyes as I ran through all the worse case scenarios (which, let’s be honest, are inconvenient at worst but not that bad).  This woman, Lorraine, three rows ahead turned around, “Why don’t you get off with me at my stop, and I’ll drive you to the airport?  I live like 10 minutes away, and I just need to pick up my three-year-old on the way.  Really, it’s no trouble.”

As we walked to her car she reassured me, “Don’t worry at all about all this, it happens all the time.  They really need to mark those damn trains better.”  Sure enough, when her daughter, Brianna, hopped into the car, she looked at me in the front seat, then turned to Lorraine, “Mom, are we going to the airport again?”  Adorable.

Reason #487 why Philadelphia really is the city of Brotherly/Sisterly love.

By contrast, on my first day in LA, we accidentally happened upon a manhunt on Mulholland Drive and a man vigorously masturbating on Spring Street.  But the weather and the company are the best!