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stuff i learned about the brain today

28 Feb
  1. Exercise is good; learning is neutral; stress is bad.  I would venture to say that my hippocampus isn’t doing so hot.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, epilepsy is not caused by demonic possession, hysteria, or masturbation.
  3. FDR had epilepsy.  Chief Justice Roberts has epilepsy.  I think we can, therefore, elect a president with MS.  Bartlet for America.  (Maybe I should stop living in a drama that has now been off the air for several years.)
  4. I think I may have come across a good number of people with behavioral variant frontotemporal degeneration (symptoms include: loss of insight, inappropriate behavior, perseveration, inflexible behavior, overeating)…sounds like most medical students (kidding, kidding).