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2 Feb

A nerve block is an incredible thing, and particularly amusing to a group of MS1s when it starts to wear off and the functions of the intrinsic hand muscles return before the extrinsic ones.

Love how cheap Percocet is under my student health insurance.  $8.98 for 90 tablets…on the prescription, the physician specified “90 (9-0)” in order to avoid any confusion.  I’m pretty sure these will have me hibernating for the next month.

I’m so lucky to have a husband who somehow makes a 24-hour trip to Philly the day before leading a Morbidity and Mortality conference in Boston, and who still tells me I’m beautiful even when my face is splotchy with some sort of iodine antiseptic used prior to intubation.  And my friends are the best.  Five days before a major exam, and they’re taking shifts keeping me company, bringing over dinner, and getting my prescriptions filled.