the warm fuzzies

24 Oct

I got a visit from the Panarelli women this weekend.  They left about an hour ago and, though I was definitely sad to see them go, I can say without a doubt that I’ve never felt better on a Sunday morning–completely energized, well-rested, well-fed, and well-loved.

They brought with them a grocery bag filled with gluten-free goodies: brownie mix; flour; pretzels; Annie’s bunnies (anyone who has babysat small children knows how terrifyingly addictive these sweet or savory little creatures can be); pasta; teriyaki sauce; and gingersnaps.  We walked about campus, snuggled on my futon while sipping on tea and snacking on bunnies, indulged in “luxurious” whites, “funky” reds, and “approachable” or “adventurous” cheeses at Tria with Doria, and then satisfied out sweet teeth with yogurt at Tutti Fruiti.  And there’s nothing better than falling asleep listening to Mary Ann’s stories with my head in Liz’s lap.

So so grateful.  Love these women.

”Vivi had no idea at all where she was headed, but she knew that whatever direction she went, her friends would go with her.”  Always a Ya-Ya, washed-out or otherwise.


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