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fabulous weekend, so hard to come back

3 Oct

This weekend I took a flying trip down to Virginia (literally 31 hours and change in length) for the naming ceremony of Ella Flora, the daughter of my dear friends Lauren and Alon.  Isn’t she a cutie?

It’s funny…I just wrote a short post about how I was starting to feel at home in Philly and making friends, and then I’m briefly surrounded by so many loved ones, and it’s just so so hard to come back to my life here.  But I am happy, truly.

I brought some anatomy flashcards and physio review notes to Virginia with me, but I didn’t crack them open once.  For 31 hours, I soaked in as much time with family and friends (are they one in the same?) as possible.  And now I’m back in Van Pelt…my heart feels a little heavy, but I can’t help but think about what we learned in anatomy about referred pain.  What circuitous network of nerves is causing this ache in the center of my sternum?

Wow, this note is turning sappy in a huge hurry…I guess that’s my cue to get to work and write a little more later, perhaps after I’ve been able to upload the pictures from my camera.  For now, thanks to Yossi:

Thanks so, so much to Matt B, Claire, Dad, Krystyna, Jill, Ken, Lauren, Alon, Ben, ELLA, Yossi, Orna, Donna, Koop, Leslie, Ashley, Liz, Zach, Leo, Jen, and many more for creating such a wonderful visit.  I miss and love you very much.