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and away we go…

13 Oct

Biochem and Physio finals tomorrow.  Anatomy on Friday.  And then at 4:10 pm on Friday, I’m hopping on a Megabus, Boston-bound!  Nothing celebrates the culmination of another round of exams like going “home” to the husband.

In the mean time, I might be pulling my first all-nighter of med school tonight…yeah, I’m in a bit of trouble.  But it got me thinking about the cute/weird/neurotic bedtime habits I picked up living by myself:

1) There are three locks on my front door.  Before I go to sleep, at least two of them must be locked.

2) I always, always must check under the bed for boogie monsters prior to going to sleep.  (They would need to be some scrawny boogie monsters.)

3) Jonah is a stuffed animal monkey (I think he’s supposed to be a Japanese Macaque) that my mom gave me when I was six.  When I don’t have John, I take him to bed with me.  John thought it was hilarious that I whipped him out when he was in Haiti this past January.

Okay then, wish me luck!  Thanks for all your wonderful support and encouragement!