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my brain feels like it has a varicocele

12 Oct

and, yes, I know that’s not really possible.  But it’s exam week again (biochemistry, physiology, and anatomy), and as we review the circulation and innervation of the thorax, abdomen, and pelvis ad nauseum, I cannot help but equate what my brain feels like to our description of a testicle with a varicocele: bag of worms.

So, you probably know by now, when I start feeling a bit stressed, I like thinking about an inspirational story or quote or memory…something to motivate me.  Today it’s The New Yorker‘s interview with Jonathan Safran Foer from this past June, when he and his wife Nicole Krauss were named two of the top 20 writers under 40:

Did you ever consider not becoming a writer?

Did I ever.  Do I ever.  For a long time, I thought I would like to be a doctor.  Such a good profession.  So explicitly good.  Never a waste of time.  No obstetrician goes home at the end of a long day and says, “I delivered four babies. What’s the point?”

Love him.  I got to meet him once in college…and he named one of his female protagonists after me…okay, he might have written the character Anna before meeting me…details.