the voice in my head

7 Oct

goes by the name of Dr. White, our anatomy professor.  And, yeah, he wrote the USMLE Road Map (the prep book for the boards) for Anatomy, so he knows his stuff.  I sure hope I can channel his mind for next week’s anatomy exam.

Don’t think for a second that I’m hearing his voice because I’ve been studying too much.  Trust me, I haven’t been.  He just has such a particular way of lecturing, of pronouncing and emphasizing certain words (“splanchnic nerves,” “ventral rami“).  God, I really wish there was some lecture of his on youtube or something so I could let you all have a listen; his style is terribly hard to describe.  It’s not really sing-song-y…it’s more like…well, he abruptly changes octaves and elongates words to demonstrate importance–which makes total sense–but the nasal quality of his voice and his informal yet never changing posture (to the left of the podium, one leg always propped up on a front row chair, knee bent, body weight forward) adds a whole new dimension.  It’s all pretty unmistakable.

As Dr. White would say, “Now we’re going back to this little bedtime story…”  Peripheral Nerves…my bedtime story for the next seven days or so, with illustrations:



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