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university of virginia!!!!!!!!

20 Mar

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that I will be a resident in pediatrics at the University of Virginia!  UVA.  Home.  John secured a position in the area and we already signed on a house–lots of big steps for us!

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I regret that I didn’t have much of an opportunity to celebrate with my class and take more pictures (Ari flat out refused), but weather (snow/sleet/sludge) + parking 15 blocks away + match time being the same as nap time made for a rather tenuous family outing.  Still, the little ones were good distractions when I waited for my name to be drawn out of the hat.  And I was so thankful to be able to share it with them, with John, with my class–it’s a unique rite of passage, for sure!

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More soon.  Thank you to everyone for the support in the last few weeks, in the last five years really. CONGRATULATIONS PENN MED 2015!!!!!