beloved darling

26 Sep

Check us out, due entirely to Julie’s craftsmanship.  And take a look at Julie’s video regarding her hope to adopt.

Jesus-family-portraits-Meadowlark-Botanical-Gardens-Vienna-Virginia-014 Jesus-family-portraits-Meadowlark-Botanical-Gardens-Vienna-Virginia-036 Jesus-family-portraits-Meadowlark-Botanical-Gardens-Vienna-Virginia-411 Jesus-family-portraits-Meadowlark-Botanical-Gardens-Vienna-Virginia-265 Jesus-family-portraits-Meadowlark-Botanical-Gardens-Vienna-Virginia-420

I’m also having a good time going through the photographs of other families/partnerships.  We had gone into the shoot with the goal of just getting a few good shots of the three of us–it’s interesting to see how much variety of personality and style comes through.  I know, I know…obvious right?  It just doesn’t seem like so long ago when families all crammed into a windowless studio and took the generic picture with a grey backdrop, like my family did…I’ll have to dig up one of them to share.



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