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wedding season 2013

1 Sep

(Which do you like better, Christmas or Wedding season?)

I really need to take a week or two to just write about the weddings we’ve been to this year.  It’s been an active season for our family, in a great way.  Is there anything better than watching friends and family get hitched, and then throwing back a cocktail and dancing without any inhibition?  (If you were me, you would have to dance without inhibition, because it would be the only way you would get on the dance floor at all.  My husband has actually asked me, “What are you doing with your limbs, anyway?”  It ain’t pretty, but it is enthusiastic.)  Best day ever, for everyone involved.

Lucie and Ryan’s day was no exception.  They are two friends from medical school who have somehow created a strong and welcoming partnership despite enormous stresses–can you imagine applying to I think 30 joint MD-PhD programs in order to ensure that you would be in the same city?  Applying to med school on my own was stress-inducing enough!  I have long admired their love and passion for all things (medicine, science, relationships, athletics, travel), and it was a privilege to be part of their celebration.

Like the other weddings of the season, I will (really) write more later (small personal preview: last minute I went stag because John woke up with food poisoning–poor kid!), but I still need to pack for Lorenzo and Lauren’s wedding in ITALY.  We did okay traveling to Israel with the babe at six months, but I’m not sure I’ve totally anticipated the challenges of traveling with a 10.5-month-old.  In an effort for less costly travel, John and I are not sitting together on the flight across the pond.  I’m hoping I might be able to sniff out the folks who are obviously parents but are traveling sans dependents, hold out Ari in all her cuteness and negotiate a seat swap.  Wishful thinking?  Wish us luck!!  xoxo

Jesus-family-portraits-Meadowlark-Botanical-Gardens-Vienna-Virginia-024 Jesus-family-portraits-Meadowlark-Botanical-Gardens-Vienna-Virginia-479