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orchard is her middle name

21 Sep

No joke.  Carmela in Latin means “a fruitful orchard, as Mount Carmel in Palestine.”

The afternoon started a bit roughly.  (Boring alert: we’re in the transition from two to one nap a day, and sometimes we miss the mark and things end terribly.  Today 30 minutes of solid crying on the way home from Home Depot escalated when her fingers got pinched in her high chair.  She eventually went down, but dramatically so.)  But orchards have wind and dirt and funky big leaves to squish in the palms of our hands.


tomatoes 14 tomatoes 13 tomatoes 12 tomatoes 11tomatoes 10

Our bounty (even the way Tiffany lays out her veggies looks artistic):

tomatoes 9 tomatoes 8

Hay, less than impressed:

tomatoes 7

She makes being wedged between pumpkins look like the greatest ever:

tomatoes 6 tomatoes 5 tomatoes 4

Because I had to:

tomatoes 3 tomatoes 2 tomatoes 1

Thank you so much, Tiffany, for these sweet pictures!