reading rainbow

8 Jul

The anti-productivity fairy has officially swatted me with dust because I just fell asleep trying to process pages of drug names, their mechanism of action, side effects, toxicity antidotes (I always want to write/say anecdote).  My attempts at optimism are waning.

Have I mentioned that I joined the public library chain?  I haven’t had a library card for maybe 15 years, and I LOVE it!  John says it’s painful, but I actually think that studying surrounded by rows and rows of books and books is kind of lovely.  And it’s summer and there are all these little nuggets running around, and I cannot wait to share this with Ari.  Hopefully she’ll have an easier time getting her first library card than I did.  I remember that I had to be able to spell my full name in order to qualify–do you know how hard it is for a four-year-old to spell “Oppenheimer”?  Well, maybe I was behind the curve.

Med fun facts of the day:

  • It’s not HIPP to have lupus.  (Drugs that can cause SLE-like syndrome: Hydralazine; INH; Procainamide; Phenytoin.)
  • With seizures, I BITE My tongue.  (Drugs that lower seizure threshold: Isoniazid; Bupropion; Imipenem/cilastatin; Tramadol; Enflurane; Metoclopramide.)

Ari sweetness of the day (the last I already posted on FB, but too yummy not to repost):

“I love you!”

horace 1

“Oh?  Do you love be back?”

horace 2

“I eat your face!”

horace 3


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