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crazy mom moment

25 Jul

My friend posted this link on facebook recently, which has of course haunted me since and forced me to read all the articles associated with it, including this one.  The idea of anything happening to my daughter makes me weep and vomit simultaneously; the thought of leaving her in the car, it rips me.  John and I are thoughtful, aware individuals, but as Gene Weingarten describes, we are just as likely to be the perpetrators, especially given the multiple distractions in our lives.

Yesterday, John was kind enough (and available) to pick Ari up from daycare and take her to crossfit with him so I could get an extra hour of studying in.  I told him that I knew I was being ridiculous, but could he please just humor me and call me to let me know he got Ari out of the car (as though our carseat-hating soprano would not constantly remind us of her presence).  When I didn’t get a phone call, I got in my car, drove to the gym, tracked down John’s car, and scoped it out like a crazy person making sure it was infant-less.  And then I was able to get back to the qbank.