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19 Jul


So…we’ve reached that not so comfortable place before a major exam.  The place where I accost my classmates in the streets begging them for reassurance that I am not an embarrassment to Penn.  (If you are/have been one of them, oh God I’m sorry.)  The place where I tearfully make my husband cuddle with me, all the while asking him, “Will you still love me if the USMLE thinks I’m stupid?”  Model of the confident woman I want for my daughter?  Not this week.

I’m going to bury myself for a bit–so I can maybe get an honest couple of hours of work in–but I assure you that I have still been a responsible caregiver to the nugget.  She just had her nine-month well-child check and, though a shriek and a few fat tears accompanied her hep B vaccine, I’m happy to report she is quite well, holding strong at the 80-85th percentile for weight, 65th for length, 75th for head circumference (no Rett’s disorder for this girl!).

And last weekend, we had one helluva a last hurrah pre-boards (many more celebrations to follow post).  Have you checked out Ellen’s blog?  She’s one of those friends who you just have to say “yes” to, to whatever she suggests, if you value happiness, good food and thought.  I should do a Julie/Julia project and try remaking all of her recipes in the next semester.  Ari would be thrilled!

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More pictures would love to include, but my computer has been scanning for viruses for the last 30 minutes.  Womp.