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our sweet little ol’ misogynist

29 May

I am now on the Mood Disorders team at Pennsy.  Today we had a new patient: in her seventies; bright white hair; seemingly docile albeit unkempt appearance.

She was calm though a bit confused when we went around the table introducing ourselves.  She smiled and nodded politely at our male attending and resident, then pointed a boney finger at me: “YOOOUUUU!!!  YOU need to puke in your own face!

She would later tell the female psychologist interviewing her, completely out of any context I could decipher  “You wouldn’t know a man if you saw a man.”

But she was appropriate with our attending, ending the interview with, “You’re a very nice man.”  I have to give her points for creativity, making the morning interesting.

On the upside, this little one has been off zantac for almost two months, and she now only rarely pukes in my face:

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