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12 May

For the first time in maybe two weeks, bonita Aurelia slept until 5am.  At 6am, Vovi woke up and we had a peaceful Sunday morning coffee together.  At 7am, she told me to go back to bed, and I slept another blissful two hours.  I woke up to a smiling husband and well-rested daughter wishing me a happy first mother’s day.

The day wasn’t perfect.  Our girl is still visibly and audibly pissed to be not quite feeling like herself and, to add insult to injury, she has seven more days of the an unappealing emulsion of amoxicillin.  But we had a few moments like the one below, the photos of which I’m letting distract me in the midst of memorizing the side effects of different anti-psychotics.

mother's day 1 mother's day 2 mother's day 3 mother's day 4 mother's day 5 mother's day 6 mother's day 7 mother's day 8 mother's day 9

Happy Mother’s Day not only to the mothers but to all who nurture, teach, love in her/his own way.  xoxo