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9 May

Just as I thought I was getting the hang of this whole “working” (“training”?  “grad-schooling”?  “being educated”?) mom thing (with a TON of help/support/love), I end rounds to find 11 missed calls and 9 text messages.  Ari was at daycare with a fever of 102.  John was tied up at work intubating folks and saving lives.  And Vovi, wonderful caretaker that she is, was stranded at home, as she does not drive.  Before I had even learned of the problem, John had ordered a taxi service to pick up Vovi and take her to go rescue our girl.

The last couple nights have been rough.  She responds well to Tylenol but, when it wears off at 2:30am, she lets out the most agonizing cry!  As I tried to calm her, pulling out all my Ari-specific mom tricks that normally work okay, she wailed in my ear as though in response: “Mom!  This is decidedly NOT okay!”  I’m sorry, love.  We’re working on it.

Hoping to get you back to baseline in record speed: