chickens and kittens

27 Jun

While in the thick of my surgery rotation, I took pause to plan what would likely be my last pre-infant hurrah during our two-week summer holiday.  The first weekend would be devoted to this fabulous Pittsburgh wedding, and the second week to Beach Week XI with these crazy kids.  That left me Monday-Friday of this past week to do whatever the hell I wanted, and I wanted friendship, adventure, and relaxation.  An Austin excursion to visit Kathleen, Isaac, and John hit all the criteria, and I roped in my close friend Matt (who will be attending Penn Med this fall!) for the journey at the last minute, which made the trip damn near perfect.

I visited Austin two years ago with John…which meant that, in addition to maximizing Kathleen time, we woke up at the crack of dawn so that we could get a jump start on seeing all the things!  (To give you a frame of reference for what vacations are like with the husband, I had to plead with him for us to have one day of not waking up to an alarm on our honeymoon.)  So this trip to Austin included no expectations, no real agenda except for one low-key adventure out to Pedernales Falls…oh, and kitten and chicken time.  Did I mention that Kathleen and Isaac have chickens?

Meringue, Lorraine, Benedict, and Megas make the most delicious multi-colored eggs–have you ever seen brighter yolks?

Annie is the little orphan pictured above that Kathleen took in a few years ago.  She had no problem snuggling during my mid-morning naps.

And to help me wake up potentially before noon…


2 Responses to “chickens and kittens”

  1. ericrosoff June 30, 2012 at 10:29 am #

    little orphan Annie!

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