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let’s count the ways…

10 Jun

Med school does terrible, wonderful things to one’s sense of humor.  In the final days before the surgery shelf, I know a lot of us are going through the Carlos Pestana Surgery Vignettes (for the first time, for the fortieth time).  I sincerely hope what our predecessors said about them being written gold is true.

Perhaps because we’re all so tired of studying the same but slightly altered scenarios, the answers for which will likely still succeed in eluding us in five days, the times when Pestana demonstrates an underlying playful snarkiness becomes a welcome comic release…for example:

The middle of the neck is packed with structures that should not have holes in them.

Let’s count the ways in which potassium has been pouring into her blood…

Yes, Carlos, let’s.

And if you really need a 6:55 break from the grind, check out my former post-bac classmate in the Undacova Gunnaz: