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katie & michael

19 Jun

This weekend we took a roadtrip to Pittsburgh to watch Katie and Michael, two of our best friends, get married.  We had been looking forward to this event for a long time.

Michael and I grew up next door to each other since we were four and three, respectively.  He’s one of my oldest friends and, in truth, much more like a third brother to me.  His sister and I would spend summer nights sleeping under the stars in our backyards, winter days sledding the slope down to the creek, and all the days in between walking to and from the bus-stop, taking part in other outdoor adventures, rehearsing in school plays, celebrating holidays with our families…together.  Even then it was clear he was special–remarkably brilliant, clever, and kind, an inventor of all sorts of childhood merriment, and John and I were so excited when he began medical school this year.  He will be the doctor to which I would send my child (or any loved one), regardless of field or specialty.

Both of us met Katie in college.  She was one of the girls I admired from afar long before we actually had a meaningful interaction.  (In their letters to each other during the ceremony, I nearly laughed/cried out loud when Michael said something to the effect of, “While others found you intimidating or scary, I thought you were fascinating.”)  She is a born leader, artist, and writer, would seemingly effortlessly elevate any organization in which she took part, and I think we all marveled at the profound impact we knew she would have in her profession, her passions, and her relationships.  She’s the woman who can literally do anything.

As a couple, they are so, so strong, independent, passionate.  I know I’m fortunate to have them as friends, and I can’t help but look anxiously forward to all the feats they’ll conquer, the places they’ll go, the joy they’ll create.  Congratulations on your marriage, and to a lifetime of happiness and success together.