being a student

11 Apr

After Urology morning rounds, the residents and students had a 6:30am epidemiology lecture.  It was fantastic, a fun overview of the entire epi course we took as MS1s–a class I desperately wish I had taken more seriously at the time.  Clinical trails, they’re kind of a big deal.

Midway through, I couldn’t help but think briefly on what a privilege it is, for my life’s purpose right now to be my own education.  That I really do get to learn new things daily, and will continue to long after med school.  Sounds kind of hokey, but I think sometimes I need to remind myself that this is a really good life, despite the extreme pain in causes me from time to time 🙂

(Also, after having given many mini-lectures (some of which definitely crashed and burned) in the past three and a half months, I feel like I appreciate gifted teachers and speakers way more!)


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