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157, 6.8, 10.20.2012

12 Apr

Numbers make things feel more real.

157 heart beats per minute.

6.8 cm in length.

Due date: 10/20/2012!

John and I are overjoyed to share that we’re expecting our first kiddo this October!  And annainmedschool is about to get a bit more interesting, or at least a little more chaotic, so any and all advice on parenting/balancing careers/managing how to not break your child in the first year of life is welcome here!  (Seriously, please!)

I won’t bore you with all the details at once, so just the bare bones for now:

I’m about 13 weeks along and have been struggling (often failing) to keep things secret.  At this point, I feel comfortable disclosing our good news because (and this is not to sound morbid) I figure that any potential bad news in the future would shake me in such a manner than I would want/have to reveal it anyway.  Right now, the fetus is healthy, I’m healthy, and John is tolerating us like a champ!

I’ve heard enough horror stories about the first trimester to know that I have no business complaining.  However, I will say that the last three months have been both hilarious and fascinating in retrospect, and I’m looking forward to jotting down some of my favorite stories from them!

Finally, a few pictures of us trying to appreciate the process…

The night we found out we were pregnant:

10 weeks (the size of a baby carrot) & 12 weeks (the size of a lime):

(I elected to cut off my head in this last picture because it was taken at 4am [surgery…], and you really don’t need to see my face at that hour.  But, we had bought the lime, so we just thought, “Whatever, let’s just do this is scrubs, then make a breakfast mojito shake or something.”)