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today on urology

18 Apr

1.  There was an embarrassingly loud thump in the middle of a robotic nephrectomy (kidney removal) when my head hit the wall.  Today, I fell asleep standing up.  I don’t think the nurses believed me when I said I slipped.

2.  I love that there are some cancers that we can cure by simple removal.  Of course, the removal is not simple.  And it’s painful.  And you’re left without a kidney.  But still…no chemo, no radiation, and normal life expectancy following.  In the world of cancer, that’s not so bad.

3.  There was a scary moment toward the end of the day when the surgeons had to act fast to stop a bleeding…the tumor had invaded into some important vasculature.  These surgeons are awesome at their job, and how so many hands work so well all together in a small space is beyond my comprehension.  When things were resolved, the attending stopped for a brief moment and held out his hand to his resident, and they shook hands over the body cavity.