explorations in northern liberties

2 Apr

I love old friends coming to visit who give you an excuse to try that funky restaurant or shop you might have heard of but never entered.  And I am so appreciative of new friends who know my city better and always have the best recommendations of good eats and new adventures.  This weekend was a combo of both, wrapped up in a brunch that inadvertently lasted almost three hours.

None of us had been to Honey’s Sit ‘n Eat before.  I think they might have ruined me for life, because I’ll never be patient about wait times again.  I arrived first and placed my name.  Though the host was not surprised, he seemed sympathetic to my disappointment that it would be an hour to hour-and-a-half wait, and quickly suggested that I visit The Random Tea Room a half block away: “Have a cup of tea; it’s the best!  Then we’ll walkie-talkie over when we have a table for ya.”  I think walkie-talkies need to make a come-back.

So the three of us met up there and settled into the kind of couch that you sink down into and antique-looking stools.  With them enjoying the best gluten-free muffins I’ve ever tasted (we met at 11am so, let’s be honest, I had already consumed first breakfast, but I had to taste!) and me sipping on a most luxurious soy latte, the hour-twenty sailed by in a blink.  It was perfect for the foggy, nippy Saturday morning.  Then we braved the elements and returned to Honey’s a half-block away, where we took our time with several cups of coffee and perfectly constructed omelets.  (Yeah, I totally  felt guilty looking out the window at the people still waiting the hour+ for my seat…but brunch is something you can’t rush.)

Brunch is the best meal.


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