exercise physiology-related colorado wedding

3 Sep

It’s only appropriate that we had a cardio workshop on exercise physiology yesterday.  I’m about to jet off (literally–I’m at the gate) to Colorado for the wedding of one my best friends, who happens to be a many-time marathon runner (in truth, I’ve lost track of the number, but it has to be at least 7-10 at this point).

As we compared the stroke volume, heart rate, arteriovenous oxygen different, etc. between the marathon runner and a relatively fit med student (we later gave the marathon runner metoprolol, then congestive heart failure), I couldn’t help but think of Caitlin.  As a member of the U.S. Air Force, she once had to jump up and down on one foot for several minutes (at the encouraging of her NP) in an attempt to raise her resting heart rate above 60 and within the acceptable range for military service.  In the end, the jumping didn’t work well enough, and the NP had to lie about Caitlin’s measured heart rate in order to clear her.

Caitlin, my dear, only you can get your family and friends to run a 5K (at altitude!) a mere hour before your wedding ceremony.  Love your crazy self!


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