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23 Sep

Heard. Understood. Acknowledged.

Probably the only military-derived practice in my life, yet so integral to my marriage. With opposite work/study schedules coupled with the necessity of communication between two people who share a home, John and I converse a bunch over emails, texts, and google voice. And we like to know that the information’s gotten through, or we can get pissy…well, one of us, at least. So, a quick “HUA” in return has been our system for the last couple months. Since I haven’t seen John since I think Tuesday, I have a pretty long row of three-letter emails in my “John” folder.

I’m not really sure I want to know what this says about me, but I oscillate between being concerned and amused.


necessary study breaks

23 Sep

And, we’re at it again.  Those pesky things called “final examinations.”  Monday will be five hours of fun-filled cardiology mind acrobatics.  Friday, after a mere 3.5 days of lectures <she chortled to herself>, will be our dermatology final.  Weekend of hibernation (not of my myocardium, which would probably require catheterization) starts now.

I believe in the mini-study break.  Quick mind-relaxers to remind me what it feels like to have joy without stress…