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16 Sep

anna in med school has been a bit light on the whole “med school” component.  I promise, I’m still going.  Things have pretty great, actually, though I think I need to make more of a conscious effort to be a good decent student.  I really like cardio.  Even though Dr. H refers to the heart as “just a dumb pump,” it’s a pretty gnarly organ, so clearly fundamental to…well…everything.  And, double bonus, it’s amazing to me that after only 3.5 weeks of this organ block, I already understand so much more about what John sees at work on a day-to-day basis.  He picked me up at the train station last night and was jabbering about some dude he saw with ST elevation (a portion of the EKG above where it should be when compared with other structures, indicating damage to the heart, particularly infarction)…and it occurred to me, Holy Shit, I actually understand all the words he’s saying right now.  (I think I had kind of gotten used to understanding only about 80%, if I’m lucky, of what John describes regarding work.)  So, in summary, this is important stuff, and I should learn it.

The past weekend was filled with two house-warmings (my friends are buying houses….dude!), a 30th birthday celebration, lots of cheap yoga, an attempt through the supposedly original recipe for Skyline Chili (it’s good, but not Skyline), and not enough study or sleep (though valiant efforts were made).  This weekend I’m apparently running a little race with Sara on next to no training save that 5K at 8,000 feet in honor of Caitlin and Chris.  Full patient history exam today, then cardio exam a week from Monday.  Then we’ll be a quarter done with our last preclinical semester.  !!!

A couple randoms:

My gorgeous city:

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One of the many reasons to dig Art Caplan and to be proud to be a part of the Penn Bioethics community (click on link to read more about how hard he rocks).  And we have Zeke Emanuel as head of the Department of Medical Ethics & Health Policy…gotta love him and his brothers, or at least one of them?